ChemCert Accreditation AQF III

The ChemCert Accreditation AQFIII course provides you with:

• National Accreditation for 5 years
• Safe storage requirements for pesticides, fuels and other dangerous goods.
• How to determine weather conditions suitable for spraying, including Delta T,
stability and thermal drift.
• How to efficiently, effectively and safely use pesticides.
• Easy and practical calibration techniques for efficient chemical use.
• Knowledge to limit spray drift including innovations in application and nozzle
selection criteria.
• How to manage chemical residues, WHP’s, ESI’s and MRL’s.
• How to meet Freshcare and Woolworth’s QA requirements.
• WHS, APVMA, EPA and legislation updates.
• Record keeping requirements, including manifests and spray records.
• Easy to use risk assessments and hazard control forms.
• Self - audit & compliance checklists for use back at work.