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“One size fits all” has never been a term applied to business. Your business is unique and so are its needs. That is why our new membership packs are based on what you need us for.

The Three packs we have now are Trading, Enterprise and Corporate, which reflects the nature of businesses operating in our industry.

Trading membership gives you entitlements based around four key pillars of our mission statement; professionalism, representation, promotion and profitability. This pack is great for hands-on businesses that don’t require higher level services.

Enterprise membership builds on top of the trading pack with additional benefits to help your business run smoothly, keep it growing, manage employees and risks effectively. This pack includes a bonus $250 event/training credit for the year.

Corporate membership reflects that your involvement with the industry will help shape the industry’s future outcomes. This package includes opportunities to engage directly with the board and participate in advocacy issues that impact your business and the industry directly. Training is a big deal so this membership includes a $500 of training/event credit as a bonus.

Review our membership brochure here or evaluate the packs below:

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