Nursery Container Levy (Pot Levy)

The Levy is a Federal tax levy to be applied to the container (plastic, ceramic, natural or other, i.e bag, pot, seedling tray/punnet) which is used by the producer.

The nursery and garden industry levy program is facilitated by HAL in partnership with NGIA. It is funded by the nursery products R&D and Marketing levy as well as voluntary contributions from industry. The Australian Government provides matched funding for all HALs R&D activities.

In collaboration with Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and the State nursery & garden associations, Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) helps businesses in the nursery and garden industry by investing the nursery products levy in targeted marketing and R&D programs. Priorities for this investment follow the Objectives of the Nursery Industry Strategic Investment Plan 2012 -2016.

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Levy Revenue Services

There are two documents currently available for nurseries regarding the Levy Revenue Service and the system/structure for the nursery and garden industry.

Click here to download the LRS Nursery Notice pdf

Click here to download the LRS Nursery Form pdf