Nursery Production Farm Management System (FMS) Program NIASA

The Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA) is a national scheme for production nursery (growers), growing-media (potting mix) greenlife market businesses and which operates according to a set of national Best Management Practice guidelines.

The NIASA scheme is managed nationally by NGIA and directed by the National NIASA Accreditation & Certification Committee and controlled locally by an appointed state and/or territory advisory committee. Day to day operations within NSW and ACT are managed by NGINA Industry Development Officer, Michael Danelon, who is the Technical Officer for NIASA in NSW/ACT.

The Best Management Practice guidelines are related to industry 'best practice' in production management and will improve profitability. This is a voluntary scheme open to both members of NGINA and non members.

The scheme has developed over the years and since 1993 has been a national initiative. It focuses on a wide range of issues within three main categories - crop hygiene, crop management practices and general site management.

Crop hygiene covers areas such as prevention of root diseases, use of water and growing media, plant handling, monitoring of motherstock plants and the hygiene of tools, workstations, machinery and footwear.

Crop management practices look at water, irrigation and humidity, along with a number of other issues such as light and wind control, temperature, plant nutrition, structures, root binding, appearance and staff facilities.

Site management is also one of the cornerstones in the accreditation scheme. Training of staff and continuously improving the site is vital to the success of the business and businesses are judged on their environmental performance, service offered to customers and product quality.

For more details regarding NIASA and EcoHort best management practice, contact:

  • Business and Technical Support Officer Michael Danelon on 0400 010 049 or via email or
  • Business and Technical Support Officer Des Boorman - Tweed-Brunswick & Northern Rivers on 0427 775 086 or via email.

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