Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) in partnership with Hort Innovation Australia Ltd (HIAL) have developed a set of guidelines that provide a systematic approach for production nurseries and growing media businesses to assess their environmental and natural resource management responsibilities.

What is EcoHort?

EcoHort is the national nursery industry environmental management system (EMS) for production nurseries, growing media manufacturers and greenlife markets. The program is designed to assist NIASA-accredited businesses further improve their business sustainability while addressing environmental and natural resource management responsibilities.

Adopting the process of EcoHort will allow you to show that your business:

1. has utilised a recognised system for assessing likely environmental and natural resource impacts,

2. is managing these impacts in a responsible and sustainable manner.

For businesses that have invested time and money into systems and technology that advance the business while enhancing environmental and natural resource outcomes, EcoHort offers a practical means of gaining recognition for these efforts.

For more details regarding NIASA and EcoHort best management practice, contact: