Certified Nursery Professional CNP

Individual Recognition

The nursery and garden industry offers recognition to those individuals who continually update their skills. In today's competitive marketplace, superior customer service, up-to-date product knowledge and staff professionalism is crucial to attracting customers and retaining their loyalty. How can you gain recognition from your customers and employer for these qualities?

The new Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) program is the nursery and garden industry's accreditation scheme for people. It recognises the professionalism and expertise of individuals and encourages the public to seek out businesses that employ Certified Nursery Professionals. It also emphasises the need for ongoing skills development.

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Why gamble with your future? Stay educated!

Being a part of the CNP program puts you in the best position to keep up with industry trends and be 'in-the-know'. It also offers valuable networking opportunities and access to ongoing training and professional development activities. CNP strengthens your industry relationships and business profiles and gives you credibility with your customers. A CNP's experience and credibility within the industry is easily identified by:

  • Use of Post-nominals (e.g. John Smith, CNP)
  • Personalised CNP badge
  • CNP Certificate of Recognition

As a member of CNP you will enjoy continued support via extensive marketing and promotion to industry and consumers Australia-wide through a range of mediums including websites, trade shows, newsletters and advertisements. CNP is reaching out to the younger members of the industry and is an excellent way to develop a profile within the industry.

The CNP program aims to:

  • Acknowledges your ongoing commitment to improving your skills and industry knowledge, thereby enriching your personal experience of work and meeting the needs of customers
  • Provides the public with assurance that you have the knowledge and skills to provide superior services
  • Encourages a highly skilled industry by ensuring it remains competitive and has the ability to adapt accordingly
  • Offers you valuable networking opportunities and access to ongoing professional development activities.

The program is managed nationally by NGIA which can be contacted on 02 9876 5200 or info@ngia.com.au

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