Business Tools

  • Work Health & Safety

    Members of NGINA receive WHS advice, site reviews and assessments, and can take part in a WHS mentoring program.

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  • Trading Terms and Conditions for the Industry

    These days it's unwise not to have trading terms in place with your customers. Even then your terms of trade should be clearly spelt out on your invoices.

    We have a set of templates including a credit application form, personal guarantee and indemnity agreement and credit account terms and conditions. These can be used by any nursery who sells into the landscape or retail sectors.

    As they are the intellectual property of the NGINA, it is only members who are given an exclusive right to use these terms.

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  • Biosecurity Procedure Videos

    Excellent Tools to Help Improve Your Business

    These videos contain a wealth of information that is equally important to non-BioSecure HACCP businesses as they identify fundamental risk areas and ways of monitoring that risk. Having a solid understanding of risk management is crucial to running a successful business.

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  • 15 Questions You Need to Ask your Web Developer

    During a seminar held by TAFE teacher Robert Potter with 20 of his web students we brain stormed topics the average person should ask a web developer at their first meeting. Here’s what they came up with.

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  • Barcoding Guide for Production Nurseries

    The development of this guide has come out of a working group from industry including growers, retailers across Australia, NGI representatives and GS1 facilitators. This group came together to drive a standard for industry in barcoding as there was no representative standard and growers were being asked to do different things for different retailers and then not being consistent.

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  • Urban Planning Tool Kit

    Why does industry need this tool kit?

    Land use planning and its impacts on horticulture in Australia have for many years been identified by farming organisations around Australia as being in the 'top 5' policy issues facing the sector. The issue is important to many intensive agricultural industries and has been on the government planning 'radar' a result of the increasing incidence of land use conflict in peri-urban areas as competition for finite land and water resources continues to intensify over time.

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  • Mental Health First Aid

    Mental health problems are common in the workplace and the symptoms can affect performance, e.g. due to problems with concentration, memory, decision-making and motivation. While some people with mental health problems manage their symptoms without impact on their work performance, others may require short-term or ongoing workplace supports.

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  • Green Office Guide

    Healthy Offices: Why Wellness Is The New Green explores the rise of the healthy office - a place that's not only conducive to health and wellbeing, but that actively promotes both. The need for increased greening in offices connects with the idea that humans have an innate need to connect to nature and that when this need is met, they are better able to thrive.

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