Biosecurity Procedure Videos

Applicable to all Nursery Businesses!

Excellent Tools to Help Improve Your Business

In 2013, levy funds (via project NY12001) were allocated to develop short video resources to highlight key biosecurity procedures. They provide visual demonstrations of key nursery biosecurity procedures relating to people, vehicles and equipment, including site surveillance and crop monitoring procedures.

Having a solid understanding of risk management is crucial to running a successful business. For example activities such as Crop Monitoring, Water Testing, Surface Disinfestation Procedures and Sticky Trap Use are all extremely useful for any business. As a specific example the Sticky Trap Use video describes the layout placement and orientation for sticky traps dependent on what type of pest is being monitored for within the crop and also the frequency and methods which you might use to determine if there was a pest issue in that area.

These videos provide specific information on a range of typical issues that can have a detrimental impact on any greenlife business and as such are extremely valuable as awareness creating tools.
The videos are a much easier option to present to staff and can be reviewed or referred to in future for clarification. I encourage all business managers to utilise these videos in staff training, they are well laid out, logical and re-enforce a range of hygiene protocols.

All growers should take the time to go through these videos and note relevant information.

1. Crop Monitoring Procedure

2. Water Testing

3. Vehicle Inspection Procedure

4. Import Inspection Procedure

5. Site Surveillance Procedure

6. In Line Despatch Inspection Procedure

7. End Point Despatch Inspection Procedures

8. Surface Disinfestation Procedures

9. Personnel Disinfestation Procedures

10. Sticky Trap Use