Plant Costing Workshop

Are your plants working for you OR are you working for them?

“Do you know what your Gross Profit(Margin) or Net Profit is?”

How much does it cost you to produce your average 140 or 200mm plant & what do you make out of it? Do you know?

Knowing your costs is critical to make good business decisions and help understand the profitability of your different crop types and where you may need to improve efficiency or rationalise production.

The Plant Costing Workshop will be based around a spreadsheet costing template that can be adapted to suit your business needs.

The costing workshop will look at all of the inputs including; labour, materials and overheads and will make you think about what each square meter actually costs per year and how crop cycle time can impact heavily on what each plant actually costs.

If you are interested please email Des Boorman: des.boorman@ngina.com.au or call the NGINA office on 02 9679 1472.

To develop good costing projections it is important to understand all the inputs associated with producing your crop. If you can’t get all of the data don’t stress the template can still be used for example crop production costing to show how the different inputs influence the final cost and profit per unit, then once you get your own data you can use it.

Des has delivered this training many times to all levels of computer users so even if you don’t currently use spreadsheets that isn’t an issue.

At the end of the workshop you will get the copy of the template and if you want further training after that Des is happy to set aside some 1 on 1 or small group time to customise the template for your operation or provide specific training on using spreadsheets & formulas.