Urban Planning Tool Kit

Peri-urban horticulture and land use planning Tool Kit.

Why does industry need this tool kit?

Land use planning and its impacts on horticulture in Australia have for many years been identified by farming organisations around Australia as being in the 'top 5' policy issues facing the sector. The issue is important to many intensive agricultural industries and has been on the government planning 'radar' a result of the increasing incidence of land use conflict in peri-urban areas as competition for finite land and water resources continues to intensify over time.

Industry associations, state farming organisations and a wide range of affected stakeholders have struggled to come to grips with the issues surrounding land use planning and conflict, and agreement on how to address them is rare, often due to the conflicting aims and priorities associated with individual land ownership. The Industry Management Committee of Horticulture Australia Limited considered that a fresh review of the literature, and the production of a toolkit consisting of short and informative fact sheets was required.

How to best utilise this tool kit

This tool kit provides a series of fact sheets which each address a specific issue of importance to anyone seeking to understand and deal with land use planning in the peri-urban regions of Australia. The different tools are presented not as recommendations for action but rather as information to improve understanding of the planning process and provide a basis for involvement at the local level to ensure horticultural issues have been properly considered.

Download the Peri-urban Horticulture and Land Use Planning Tool Kit