Farm Minder

Farm Minder is an innovative and powerful online system which manages and plans farm operations and facilitates compliance with all legal, WHS and quality control requirements related to the storage of chemicals and the use of pesticides and animal health products.

The system aids sustainability and minimises harm to the environment by fostering safe and effective practices for the use of crop protection and animal health products .

It is continually updated with the latest product information from two of the largest commercial Australian databases of agricultural product information Pest Genie and MSDS.COM.AU, which contain 7 million database records.

  • As a NGIA member you will receive a discount of 15% off the Subscription Price off Farm Minder
  • NIASA Accredited businesses receive a discount of 30% off the Subscription Price off Farm Minder

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Businesses wanting to take up this offer should contact NGIA on (02) 8861 5100 or info@ngia.com.au and request a special code to enable them to receive the quoted discount offered by Farm Minder.