Apply First Aid

All businesses in Australia have to provide a safe workplace for all employees, visitors & contractors. This course is ideal for meeting those obligations in case of accident or injury to anyone on your premises. The general nature of this course will satisfy nearly all workplaces, including retail and production nurseries.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

·Assess the situation. Includes: identify, assess and minimise hazards; minimise immediate risk in accordance with WHS principles and casualty assessment.

·Apply first aid procedures – includes:

Provide information to casualty in a calm manner

Make casualty comfortable using available resources

Respond to casualty in a culturally aware manner

Determine and explain nature of casualty’s condition / injury

Seek consent from casualty for treatment

Provide first aid management in accordance with established first aid principles for a variety of situations.

Seek assistance from others

Correctly operate first aid equipment

Use safe manual handling techniques

Monitor casualty’s condition

·Communicate details of incident. Includes: requesting an ambulance; accurately convey casualty’s condition and actions taken to ambulance personnel; accurately prepare reports and maintain confidentiality of records.

·Evaluate own performance. Includes: feedback; recognise possible psychological impacts on rescuer and participate in debriefing as appropriate.