Waterwork for Production Nurseries


"NGINA are pleased to present an intensive two day workshop focused on Waterwork in production nurseries and hosted by Yarralumla Nursery Canberra"

What you will learn -

Fundamentals of irrigation systems

    Identify and compare the main features of different irrigation systems including overhead, drip for container plants and bottom watering systems. Participants will undertake a practical session that goes through the process of evaluating the performance of fixed overhead sprinkler systems.

    Students will learn to determine and compare the relative efficiency and performance of different irrigation systems. Equipped with these new skills and insights, participants will be able to make considered value judgements on the best irrigation system to implement in their respective nurseries.

    Water supply, treatment and disinfestation

    Beginning with an illustration of the process for assessing the adequacy and quality of a nursery’s water supply, the workshop then investigates how to determine a nursery’s irrigation requirements. Participants will learn how to identify potential problems with various water sources and evaluate different methods of water treatment and filtration. On completion of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to make considered value judgements about the most appropriate biological and chemical method to treat and disinfect nursery water.

    Site assessment, drainage and recycling

    This workshop covers the preparation required for developing a drainage design for a nursery site. It investigates the features that can be incorporated into a drainage system design, including associated hydraulics.

    Among the skills participants will gain from this workshop is the ability to identify whether to recycle, reuse or dispose of drainage water that comes from irrigation and stormwater. Participants will be able to assess a site for drainage, develop a drainage design and identify the most appropriate options for dealing with drainage water.

    Participants who complete the workshop will also benefit from discussion about how water quality impacts upon, and is influenced by, the different reuse options.


    About the Trainer

    Bill Yiasoumi has spent many years as an Irrigation Officer with NSW DPI. In 2012 he was awarded the Maclean Iedema Award for his contribution to the irrigation industry. He has extensive experience in Waterwork training and is the author of several water use efficiency publications.