Human Resources

This member page aims to assist you in identifying your duties and responsibilities as an employer, to avoid making costly mistakes and meet your obligations as an employer. We have included templates for you to download and use.

Information about workplace rights and rules, including awards and national employment standards.

Areas covered are:

  • Recruitment & Employment

    From identifying the need to employ someone, sourcing and finding the right person, to inducting the new person into the business. Also find: sample documents and templates.

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  • Compensation & Benefits

    All you need to know about compensation and benefits for your employee: letters of engagement, payslips, leave, entitlements.

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  • Employee Relations

    This section covers all aspect of maintaining employer-employee relationships. Also find: sample documents and templates.

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  • Training & Development

    Employee training and development is vital in a healthy business, here’s how to implement and evaluate. Also find: sample documents and templates.

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  • Work Health & Safety

    This function was previously known as Occupational Health and Safety and covers all aspects of keeping both internal (employees) and external (customers) parties safe. It covers areas such as: Development of Safety Policies and Procedures, Conducting Safety Audits, Injury management and Safety Training.

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  • Administration Of Human Resources

    Administration of Human Resources refers to:

    • The keeping of accurate files and records, particular in relation to employee records
    • The development and adherence to policies and procedures within the organisation

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  • Awards and Payrates

    Industrial awards and pay rates.

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