Des Leeke

Director NGINA • Managing Director of Traden Tubes

About Me

Des originally started his nursery experience by collecting seeds and growing them on.

In 1984 he commenced as Manager of the Avondale Nursery at Galston. After building this nursery to a profitable state, helping with the sourcing of a new site and moving the nursery to Glenorie, he enjoyed a break for a couple of years.

In 1989, Des & his wife Val, commenced their own propagation nursery, Traden Tubes Pty Ltd on their property at Box Hill. This quickly grew from employing them both, to a booming nursery employing up to 18 staff and with customers all around Australia.

Although Traden Tubes, ceased trading at the end of 2015 (with the majority of their staff joining Solomons Nursery as Tube Traders), Des has continued his role as a Director of NGINA and also as a consultant. He still collects seed and cuttings for various nurseries and is always happy to source plants, or offer growing information from his vast experience as a propagator of native and exotic plants.

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