Environmental Sustainability

New Study on Environmental Sustainability Position

The sustainable development of Australia’s Nursery & Garden Industry is a principal concern for the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA). In recent times, the importance of environmental stewardship has been brought into sharp focus through issues such as the on-going drought, the impacts of climate change and biodiversity decline. These issues have required careful consideration and management by NGIA to ensure sound environmental outcomes are achieved.

This Position Document ‘Nursery & Garden Industry Australia Environmental Sustainability Position’ provides the public and other key stakeholder groups with a summary of NGIA’s views on key environmental issues. This document captures the many environmental achievements of industry and reaffirms that NGIA is committed to achieving on-going improvements in its environmental performance. The publication of this Position Document firmly cements Australia’s Nursery & Garden Industry as a true, green industry that has long been concerned about working in harmony with the environment for a sustainable future.  It has been finalised by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, following feedback from State Nursery & Garden Industry Associations as well as members.  Nursery & Garden Industry Australia gratefully acknowledges this assistance.

I highly recommend this Position Document for your reading.  To download a copy please click here.