Plants for Green Roofs and Green Walls

A report on living wall and green roof plants for Australia

Relevant to growers, landscape architects and anyone looking at providing plants or information to clients.

The RIRDC have funded a report which provides knowledge of plant selection for extensive green roofs and living walls in Australias challenging climate. The many environmental, economic and social benefits of green infrastructure have resulted in its increasing adoption, however, a lack of proven plant species suited to Australian conditions has deterred growth of the industry in this country.

This report is targeted at horticulturalists, landscape architects and commercial suppliers of green infrastructure components. This work is intended to provide their clients with greater confidence to invest in green wall and extensive green roof projects, thereby growing the industry in Australia. It is also trusted that local and state government authorities will find this report useful in developing guidelines and policies that promote the implementation of green infrastructure.

The overall aim of this research was to provide those wishing to develop an Australian green infrastructure industry with a greater knowledge of plant species selection for extensive green roofs and external green walls.

Specific objectives were to:

  1. review existing knowledge of plant selection and performance for extensive green roofs and living walls;
  2. use this to generate plant species selection matrices for identifying putatively suitable plants for such situations in Australia; and
  3. conduct trials to evaluate the in situ performance of these plants. A final objective
  4. was to then communicate the project outcomes with key stakeholders via a workshop.

Living wall and green roof plants for australia