Nusery & Garden Indusrty Market Research

Momentum is building behind the new nursery industry market research project. The success of this project is paramount to ensuring the successful implementation of industry strategic planning.

This ambitious project seeks the support of all industry greenlife producers, allied traders and growing media suppliers in the collection of monthly industry statistics. With input into the project extending to producers and suppliers to primary industry, forestry and more, this project is the largest of its kind seen by the nursery industry.

As Chairman of the IAC, I see this research as the most important levy project we have. The information collected will inform future levy project planning and enable us to accurately measure industry size and growth, said David Matthews, Chairman of the Industry Advisory Committee, at a recent meeting in Victoria. Participating businesses will have access to current industry data compared with their own, vital for effective strategic business development he continued.

Each contributing business will receive a free annual report detailing their position in the market which is a new benefit of the research for contributors. The confidential report package includes snap shots of an individual business mapped against industry aggregated totals. It also provides historical trending data for each input category.

The combined effort of all contributors will deliver a powerful advocating opportunity for nursery industry association bodies and key stakeholders, a standing not previously availed to this industry. With this information industry representatives will analyse and harness the data for the benefit of all industry operators.

The nursery industry does not fit into a standard research methodology and this is another difference this project offers over past projects, said Kobie Keenan, NGIA Program Manager - Market Research This research framework has been developed by the Industry with the support of an Industry Reference Group. As a result many concerns about data supply and credibility of reporting have been addressed in the development phase.

For more information on the market research project including sample reports, data input sheets and more please visit www.ngia.com.au or contact Kobie Keenan on (02) 8861 5100 or at kobie.keenan@ngia.com.au.

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