Cobra Lily Nursery Working Bee

Many members would have heard of the devastation that was caused at Cobra Lily Nursery over the Christmas period. An unscrupulous person entered the nursery and sprayed what appeared to be herbicide over entire areas of the nursery. Police have been involved and the investigation is continuing.

To lift Darren's (the owner) spirits and give him a hand, a call was put out to members to come along and join in a working bee. On Friday 23rd of January, the following people were very gracious to give their time and put in a massive effort to start the clean-up.

  • Brent - Overland Nursery
  • Kim - Canley Vale Nursery
  • Richard - Allstakes
  • Jimmy & Mark - Engalls Nursery
  • Graham - Moidart Nursery
  • Len - Tahmoor Garden Centre

It was devastating to throw out more than 15,000, 140mm pots. Many of the larger plants will hopefully recover after a hard prune. Although it turned out to be a very hot day in Bargo, our mission was accomplished with a smile returning to Darren's face and a renewed energy to continue on with his nursery.

Thank you to the many kind words that were expressed in emails and products and services that were offered to Cobra Lily Nursery by Everris and Arnold Knight Transport. Also thanks goes to Michael Danelon for his organisational role, even though he was too soft to come and get his precious hands dirty on the day!