Industry Consultation Meeting with HIA 20-21st January

As is usual practice the National and State NGI's met in Sydney to discuss the industry status. This was particularly timely as last year's announcement of the demise of HAL (Horticulture Australia Limited) and its replacement HIA (Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited).

The group was addressed by John Lloyd the CEO of HIA who very concisely updated the group on what the status of the new entity was and the background to the change. Ultimately the Federal Government wants more accountability from Horticulture as a whole and also an improved structure more in line with other Industry Development Councils.

HIA has a tremendous amount of work to do in the next twelve months to set up the structure that it has been chartered to do. Following John's presentation we had a facilitator (Russell Cummings) work through the impacts of change and a strategic planning process.

The Key Points that came out of the two days were:

  1. Discussed the implications of HIA changes on industry funding & our organisations
  2. Initiated the strategic planning process for the NGI organisations
  3. Discussed alternative organisation structures for NGI and how resources and IP can be shared for improved efficiencies
  4. Reviewed the service delivery requirements at a national & state level to meet members' needs
  5. Discussed the ongoing provision of IDO services.

In summary there was a great level of discussion and agreement on key outcomes for the industry moving forward. We discussed HIA changes and agreed to a united position for servicing our members. We also discussed the purpose of our organisations and the future of the industry.

We will provide further feedback as we move forward with new industry programs and structural changes that will better meet members' needs.