Important Industry Survey

Earlier this year David Foster, NGINA CEO attended a consultation meeting with all the State NGI's which was held by NGIA. They invited John Lloyd, the CEO of the new HIA (Horticulture Innovation Australia) body, to update us on the background of what had brought the change about. He spoke to us very candidly about what had occurred that led to the old body's (HAL) demise.

One thing about governments more and more is that they want more accountability for tax payer funds expended by any authority. The review of HAL that was undertaken last year showed that there was insufficient accountability for the outcomes of matched funding that was spent across the forty or so Horticultural industry bodies that made up HAL.

For all of the projects delivered through HAL there was not a convincing business case to say that the outcomes had generated xyz in increased productivity or profitability or market expansion.

The reason for this was there was no DATA that was available to back up the investment. So whenever you go to the bank for an investment loan they want to know precisely the business case and how much the return will be so that they know that they will get their money back and more.

Your association plans to present investment proposals to the State Government but without any baseline data about our industry then we have no hope at attracting any funds to support the work we want to do to help grow your market, protect your business and address industry issues.

We ask that you help US to help YOU build our industry's profile within government. The only way this can happen is if you complete one of the survey links provided below.

It is totally confidential and will allow us to profile the industry in a more constructive light compared to the misinformation that exists in ABS or IBIS data reports.

Thank you for your consideration of this important request.