2016 NGIA Structure Review

Industry consultation continues with stakeholder meetings scheduled for June

The review into the association structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia is well underway with the Structure Review Committee (SRC) visiting Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory in May. During this time, they attended five stakeholder consultation meetings and met with two association Boards.

“While attendance at the consultation meetings has been lower than hoped, we have received very valuable contributions from those who have attended. All of the information received during this phase of the review, will help shape the recommendations vital to ensuring an effective and efficient industry structure well into the future,” said Gary Eyles, Chairman of the Review Committee.

“As a Committee, we strongly urge interested stakeholders to attend the consultation meetings, which have been specifically coordinated with the cooperation of the state and national bodies, to provide everyone an opportunity to contribute to this process.”

Glenn Fenton, Deputy Chair of the Review Committee also commented on the consultation process noting that at the end of June, Down to Earth Research would be circulating a survey which will be instrumental in capturing the thoughts and feelings of the industry. He also noted that any interested stakeholder had until 31 July to provide a submission for the Committee to review.

The Committee will be attending the following meetings during June:

  • Sydney, 9 June, NGIA Board Meeting
  • Perth, 14 June, NGIWA Board Meeting
  • Perth, 14 June, Perth Consultation Meeting
  • Adelaide, 15 June, Adelaide Consultation Meeting
  • Adelaide, 15 June, NGISA Board Meeting
  • Sydney, 24 June, NGINA Board Meeting

New South Wales will not miss out, with the Review Committee scheduled to visit during July where the consultation meetings will align with the NGINA Roadshow Conference.

The SRC recently released an Information Sheet on the review outlining the purpose, scope and resources of the review including how the recommendations will be reported at the end of this year.

The information sheet and written submission template are available for download at www.ngia.com.au.

For more information on the nursery industry structure review or to rsvp for a consultation meeting please email kobie.keenan@ngia.com.au.