Consultation Phase Concludes In Industry Structure Review Process

The formal consultation phase for the review into the association structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia has concluded.

Since May this year the Structure Review Committee (SRC) has comprehensively sought input from all industry stakeholders around the country.

“We have attended at least nine stakeholder consultation meetings and met with every Board within the network. We instructed Down to Earth Research to conduct an industry-wide survey and can confirm we have a robust sample currently being analysed. We also invited and received written submissions on the structure review and overall have received extensive feedback for consideration,” said Carl Heyne of the Review Committee.

“This is a review of how eight organisations within one network operate together. The Committee, as members in this network, have a responsibility to ensure our research is inclusive, transparent and thorough; and we are pleased with the review’s progress.”

The work is not over for the four person committee. During August they continue to gather intelligence through research of domestic and international association case studies, review the results of the survey and the industry submissions. Despite the formal consultation process concluding, the Committee will continue to receive input until early next month.

“As a Committee we come together again in September with a professional facilitator to consolidate our findings and to lay the foundations for our recommendations and the final report which will be delivered in November this year, said Gary Eyles, Chairman of the Review Committee.

“We have an important task ahead and do not take our obligations lightly. As a Committee, we will combine our collective knowledge and passion; and focus on solutions to improve benefits for members and foster growth opportunities for the industry.”

For more information on the nursery industry structure review email structurereview@ngia.com.au