Structure Review report due for release this month

Following the conclusion of last months workshop into the review of the structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia, the Structure Review Committee have been busy attending to the finalisation of their report.

The final report is due for confidential release to the national and state association boards involved in the review before the end of October. It will address many of the issues faced by the current association structure for the nursery and garden industry including perception and value of membership, industry priorities, resources and industry positioning.

“As members of this industry network, we have not taken our roles in this review lightly. All our own consultation and research has independently informed the conclusions and recommendations for the report with which we unanimously agree,” says Gary Eyles, Structure Review Committee Chairman.

“We were presented with a great responsibility and through this process discovered real opportunities for all of us as members and we are excited by where the future can lead. ”

Throughout the course of the review, the Structure Review Committee has attended nine stakeholder consultation meetings and met with every Board within the network. They have met with key organisations and received robust results from an industry-wide survey. They are also informed by a number of written submissions received from key stakeholders and their own comprehensive research on domestic industry structures.

Following a joint meeting of the NGIA Board, State Presidents and CEO’s, scheduled for 14 November in Sydney, the final report will be made publically available. The Structure Review Committee will make a presentation on the report during this meeting.

Information on the review of the structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia can be found at www.ngia.com.au.