NGI Structure Review Released

Please find below a joint release from the Nursery & Garden Industry network following the joint meeting on the Structure Review on the 14th November.

As pointed out in the release all States and Territories accept that change is required but it must also be noted that there was insufficient detail to make a final decision on the recommended structure. It was agreed at the meeting that more work was required to perform financial modelling and work out the finer detail on some of the still contentious issues.

A number of states still have some reservations on the proposed structure and until the detail is provided will not fully endorse the recommended structure.

Nursery & Garden Industry making changes for the future

On the 14th of November, in Sydney, the Nursery & Garden Industry (NGI) National Board and NGI State and Territory Association Presidents, representatives and Executive Officers met to discuss the recommendations from the Structure Review of the Australian nursery & garden industry.

The Report which was handed down by the Committee on November 2, followed a comprehensive review spanning ten months of this year.

All organisations involved in the review were represented at the meeting. The group received a presentation from the Structure Review Committee of Gary Eyles, Glenn Fenton Gena Campbell and Carl Heyne. They were joined by Russell Cummings of Strategic Business Development and Pamela Watson of Down to Earth Research. Together they provided valuable insight into the consultation process and formation of the recommendations from the report.

“The Structure Review Committee has delivered a comprehensive report for the industry to consider. They have worked tirelessly in their task to consult with industry, undertake research and deliver recommendations for the future of the industry,” said Mike Mehigan, President of Nursery & Garden Industry Australia.

The meeting agreed that there was important work to be done with the discovery of further information including the need for financial modelling and consideration of systems and resources required for the proposed new structure.

The meeting collectively agreed that change is necessary for the future of the industry and unanimously agreed on the need to move forward with the establishment of a steering committee.

The final report is now available for download from www.ngia.com.au. Industry Stakeholders are asked to direct their comments to structurereview@ngia.com.au.

Information on the review of the structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia can be found at www.ngia.com.au.