202020 Vision Announced As Winner: Banksia Sustainability Awards

Australia's largest network of organisations and individuals working towards increased and improved urban green space, the 202020 Vision has been announced as a winner at the highly regarded Banksia Sustainability Awards within the Sustainable Cities category.

The mass collaboration is working together to create 20% more and improved green space in our urban areas by 2020.

Announced Wednesday night, the winning of the Sustainable Cities awards is a testament to the more than 370 partner organisations across the public and private, academic and not-for-profit sectors that have joined the 202020 Vision to coordinate efforts in championing green space in our cities.

Based on the Harvard Business Review's Collective Impact model, the 202020 Vision brings together like-minded organisations to share learnings, scale success, avoid duplication and help coordinate efforts so that together Australia's green space champions can create faster change and bigger impact results.

Significant partners include NAB, Brookfield Multiplex, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Bupa, CBRE, Medibank, GoGet and the United Nation's Global Compact Cities Programme, to name a few.

Since established in 2013, the 202020 Vision has:

  • Developed the 202020 Vision Plan in consultation with over 500 of Australia's green space experts . The Plan outlines 28 projects that, once realised, will help achieve 20% more and better green space in urban areas
  • Gathered together over 3,000 of Australia's green space experts into one common conversation via its various digital and real-world networks
  • Generated over 1,000 green space stories in media with a circulation of over 73 million, reaching the decision-makers and change-makers multiple times over
  • Partnered with News Corp and the Good Design Awards to curate 150+ inspirational projects for partners to learn from and be inspired by in the Directory of Good Design
  • Created Australia's leading database of green space experts 'The Black Book of Green People' making it easy to find, and learn from, each other
  • Worked with researchers to identify the 10 opportunities to change green space legislation in order to encourage adoption, see the 202020 VisionPolicy Guides
  • Delivered masterclasses with the NSW Government's Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to capacity build around urban green space
  • Worked with Brookfield Multiplex and Western Sydney University, to create The Instant Plant Plan to show an easy way to green a demountable building
  • Worked with University of Technology Sydney's Institute of Sustainable Futures, to measure the baseline of every urban Australian council to create Australia's first ever benchmark of urban green space called Where Are All The Trees?
  • Delivered the definitive guide any Local Government Area (Council) can use to develop an urban forest strategy then begin to grow an urban forest
  • Hosted Urban Forestry Masterclasses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane that have attracted more than 700 attendees representing almost 70% of all urban local councils and State Government departments in each state
  • Partnered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, on 'My Park Rules', a program that seeks to put new parks in schools through encouraging local communities to submit, and vote for, the grey space they want greened

See these outputs at: http://202020vision.com.au/help-hub/