The really big news this time around is that Graham Ross VMM has kindly agreed to be the Patron of IGC! It seems impossible that anyone in the gardening world wouldn’t know of Graham, his family and their achievements, but in case you’re domiciled in the far flung reaches of the Horticultural Empire where the news comes via carrier pigeon and jungle drums……

  • Graham is the premier Horticultural Journalist in Australia, author of many Gardening related books, and has a national and worldwide reputation and influence on matters horticultural. He’s our most awarded horticulturist ever.
  • Graham, Sandra, and family own the "Garden Clinic" (http://www.gardenclinic.com), and broadcast on Radio 2GB in Sydney, 4BC Brisbane, 2BS Regional NSW, and www online across Australia and worldwide. Plus 76 Australia-wide stations taking their Seasonal Tips.
  • The Garden Clinic Radio Show has been broadcast every weekend since 1980, and has over 300,000 listeners every Saturday & Sunday morning between 6 and 9am. Graham, Sandra and Linda (depending on who’s in Australia at the time!) dispense gardening wisdom in a friendly and professional manner to all and sundry. All three qualified horticulturists.
  • Linda Ross now also broadcasts on Talking Lifestyle (old 2UE and Magic) in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and regionals, weekdays - Monday to Friday 12-1pm
  • The Garden Clinic Club has tens of thousands of members from all around Australia who subscribe annually for benefits such as the high quality Garden Clinic quarterly "Garden Journal", and free access to a 7 day a week gardening help line. Members also receive a 10% discount from participating Independent Garden Centres on full priced plants only (excluding herbs & seedlings), and can attend "Garden Clinic Classes" on all sorts of topics at participating Garden Centres all over Australia. As IGC Sydney examples, Tim’s GC and Honeysuckle GC host clinics several times per year, and up to 35 people attend each time, very few of whom leave empty handed. And it’s great fun!
  • Graham is also the face of the "Better Homes & Gardens" TV show, which broadcasts in prime time on Friday nights nationally, and publicises the Australian participants in events such as the Chelsea Garden Show, other events like MIFGS, and stories of general, practical gardening interest
  • Ross Tours is the worlds' largest and oldest specialist Garden Tour company running 30 tours annually as diverse as wildflower tours of the Outback, Jacaranda Cruises on Sydney Harbour, Lavender in Tasmania, Wildflowers WA, TNQ, private Victorian gardens Mornington and Geelong and regular overseas tours to Britain, (including Chelsea), Europe, Japan, both Americas and what seems to be all points of the Horticultural World compass.
  • Graham has a passion for the training of young Apprentices /Trainees, and is working at a Government level to improve opportunities for young Horties
  • Graham recently founded the Australian Garden Council, which is in its formative stages, with aims to foster gardening and the aforementioned Horticultural training, to promote gardening, and to increase national participation in garden tourism.All of these Herculean aims should be of huge interest to IGC members.

Yet in many respects, the most important point for IGC members is that Graham started his working career in independent garden centres, and has retained a passion for independents that almost defies belief! Graham is well aware that indies are the places where most hort knowledge is distilled and dispensed, and the indispensable wellspring from which most Garden Clinic members come from, or go to. Yes, his programs may (by necessity) be sponsored by large companies with deep pockets, but Graham and family plug indies to the best of their considerable ability for free, and not a weekend goes by when independents are not discussed, interviewed and recommended. As but one example of this, on the Garden Releaf weekend on the Garden Clinic Radio Show, there were 12 mentions of Garden Releaf (and the participating national stores) on the Saturday, a live interview with Leigh Siebler plus plenty more plugs on the Sunday, and lots of advance publicity in the weeks prior. That is absolute, solid, rolled, GOLD, folks!

Graham and his family have immense credibility with our electorate…the gardening public, and are extremely influential in a very positive way for our Industry. We are very grateful that such a busy person as Graham has seen fit to accept this honorary position, and we look forward to a long and fruitful association between Graham and IGC.