Australian Green Wall Wins Award in International Design Contest

The largest internal living green wall in the Southern Hemisphere has won the Second-Place Award in the International Design Contest for indoor plants and urban plantings, category Green Walls $40,000+. Johnson Fediw Associates, publisher of I-Plants Magazine, announced the winners today. The TPR GROUP won the Second-Place Award for their green wall project at The Royal Botanic Gardens (The Gardens) in Sydney, Australia.

Commissioned by the Gardens for the 200th Bi-centenary celebrations, the TPR GROUP constructed the 51-metre-long green wall at The Calyx, a new world-class centre for horticulture, science and education.

Entries were judged by a panel of 4 experts - Nerida Hills, owner of Nerida's Interior Plantscaping and President of the Interior Plantscape Association in Australia and New Zealand; Rich Batcho, an award-winning special events designer; Chris Raimondi, owner of Raimondi Horticultural Services and instructor at the New York Botanical Gardens; and Mary Golden, Advocacy Incubator for Green Plants for Green Buildings. Entries were judged on the uniqueness and innovation of their design; innovative use of materials; appropriateness for the space; and satisfaction of the client.

The green wall measures a staggering 51 metres long by 6 metres high and has 25 independent irrigation system zones, over 300 metres of irrigation line, and more than 2,000 irrigation drippers.

The Gardens installed a staggering 18,000 plants of different species of plants allowing wonderful colour, shape and texture variations. Each square metre comprises of 64 plants allowing, detailed and stunning designs to be achieved. The design of the first exhibit, Sweet Addiction - the botanic story of chocolate, included a portrait of a cow, Aztec shapes and characters, text quotes, and even a representation of a box of chocolates. Some of the plants used might surprise you, such as parsley and chocolate mint.

Using the GSky Versa Wall TM green wall system, the TPR GROUP commenced the project in March 2016 which involved 10 TPR GROUP staff and contractors and four scissor lifts. The bulk of the green wall construction was completed in three weeks.

Ongoing maintenance of the wall by the Garden Staff involves fertilising, controlling pests and diseases, and constant detailing to maintain the design which changes throughout the year. The new exhibit All About Flowers is now open, from 10am-4pm daily until 30 July.

"This innovative project is an inspiration to others in the design industry and really showcases what can be done. We are very proud to recognize their talents and to celebrate the fresh and innovative design work that they are bringing to their clients and their community." says Kathy Fediw, LEED AP ID+C, CLP, CLT, publisher of I-Plants Magazine. "This project is unique for its design. This team really thought outside the box to bring their client and their visitors something truly special."

"This has been an exciting project to work on with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney who has both knowledge and vision on what can be achieved with plants", said the TPR GROUP Managing Director, Stuart Swaddling.

"The GSky Versa Wall TM provides flexible installation solutions with an extensive range of plant possibilities, making it ideal for interior green wall projects - they can be installed virtually anywhere. They are naturally aesthetic, eco-friendly, customisable and resilient", said CEO of GSky, Hal Thorne.

Specialising in interior plants and green wall systems, the TPR GROUP provides workplace wellbeing services and products, adding value to workplaces by creating happy and productive working environments - places where people and business thrive.

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