Help Future Proof Our Industry!

There are currently thousands of high school students across NSW undertaking vocational subjects as part of their school curriculum.

For students in these subjects in NSW, work placement is mandatory and is an important part of their learning experience. Every student undertaking a VET (vocational education and training) course in high school or at TAFE has to undertake between 35 and 120 hours of unpaid work placement (depending on what they are studying). This not only enables them to gain industry experience but gives them the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

There is a natural limit to how much students can learn within a classroom, so when real employers show them the workplace, there’s a powerful engagement that the classroom simply cannot simulate. For some students, workplace learning is their first experience of any workplace and the experience gained helps them to be productive and profitable for employers after school. This part of their education also provides an opportunity for employers to inspire and educate a young person in our industry. This is where they gain an understanding of the breadth of the industry and get exposure to other functions critical to the overall success of the business — which could also influence their desired career path.

Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) currently has 24, Year 12 students enrolled in Cert II Horticulture and Cert II in Primary Industries Agriculture who are looking for an unpaid work placement in Western Sydney for one 35-hour week block between 19 July and 23 August.

Hosting work placement students assists in reducing youth unemployment and creating productive, skilled workers for the future of our industry. Being a host for work placement enables you to help our youth, be a vital part of the community and give back to our industry by helping to future proof it.

Importantly, many of these students will be looking to go on to study Cert III next year — what better way to prepare them and at the same time see if you can line up an apprentice for next year? You could see this as a week-long interview process!

For more information take a look at The Workplace Learning Guide for Employers.

If you are able to take on at least two students (it is better if parents can car pool, etc.), can you please send an email to info@ngina.com.au. We can then send further information and explain the next steps.

Here is a quote from a previous workplace host:

Through workplace learning we get to see what young people are learning in their courses and the talent that is out there. It’s good for our industry.”