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Transplantsystems specialise in the supply, installation and service of ornamental plant, vegetable and forest nursery machinery and automation equipment.

The products we supply range from basic nozzle seeders and pot / tray fillers all the way through to fully automatic pot & tray dispensing lines, drum seeding with soil handling systems, indoor/outdoor travelling irrigation booms, plug Transplanting robots, potting machines with buffer table systems and conveyor belts as well as large scale turn-key projects.

The company is highly regarded as a leading supplier of quality products with nationwide after sales service for brands including: Urbinati, Demtec, TTA, TEA, Wanjet, PlantPaper Machines and Paper and, P4 Broadleaf organic biodegradable polymer.


Members of the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT vary from production, propagation, wholesale, retail and allied traders.

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